Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy (Part 4 of 4)

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What Began Must Come to a Close

Lightning is awoken by Bhunivelze and is tasked to guide the souls of the citizens of Nova Chrysalia to the New World that He will create, since the world he governed was collapsing. In exchange for her servitude, He will bring back Serah.


Lightning arrives in Yusnaan and enters Snow’s palace. Inside, Chaos seeps into the building, and a squad of monsters appear to ruin the festivities. There, Snow battles both the Savior and the monsters. A little girl named Lumina, who suspiciously looks a lot like Serah, appears and attempts to destroy the palace. She quickly disappears and Snow stops the destruction of the palace. Snow walks off and leaves Lightning alone. She pursues Snow, but ultimately loses him amidst the Chaos. She encounters Lumina as she summons a massive monster to eliminate Lightning, but she disposes the threat because, you know… Lightning. She finds a door that leads to where Snow is hiding, but it’s shrouded in Chaos, preventing her from entering. Guards begin to encroach onto her, but Hope sends her back to the Ark.

She arrives in the Ark, where she learns that Hope is apparently a boy instead of an adult. She also learns from Hope that Bhunivelze has unleashed Chaos into Nova Chrysalia and is consuming the world, sending the realm towards its ultimate demise. Welp, we’re playing Majora’s Mask 2.0 now. Hope activates a gate that sends her to Luxerion instead of Yusnaan, as the palace is too well guarded after she stormed into the palace—no pun intended.



She arrives in Luxerion to discover a crime scene. As she is investigating the crime, she learns from Lumina via Oracle Drive that she will attempt to destroy the world, and that the Shadow Hunter, aka Noel, will kill her. After doing some awesome detective work, she finds a group of Etro fanatics known as the Children of Etro attempting to kill another woman, but Lightning steps in and saves her! They begin to battle her, but they are interrupted by Noel, who is their leader. He is livid that they would kill innocent women who look like the Savior. They kill each and every last one of the killers and then turn on one another, as the prophecy foretold, but the Order shows up and corners them, forcing the two to flee.

Lightning eventually tracks him down to his lair, where they battle each other. She ultimately triumphs over Noel. Feigning defeat, Noel attacks her once again and catches her off guard, but intentionally misses and hits the Oracle Drive behind her, damaging it. It begins to glow and Yeul appears and tells him that he did the right thing, then disappears. They eventually kiss and make up and go about their own separate ways, with Lightning claiming Noel’s soul.


Oh the drama!


Dead Dunes

Lightning travels to the Dead Dunes and learns about a clavis, a treasure that can gather the souls of the dead and open doors to the “otherworld”. She finds the settlement of Ruffian, where she meets a person by the handle of Adonis, the second-in-command of a group of bandits known as Monoculus. In order for her to join and find the clavis, she defeats a monster and parts off a sandstorm using a crux, an instrument that reacts to her presence.

Impressed that she was able to stop the storm, Adonis sends her to see the boss, who turns out to be none other then Fang! They reminisce over old times and Fang tells Lightning that she stuck around with Vanille, but left to pursue the clavis after a falling out with the Order. She then decides to team up with Light to find the clavis. Bring on the boob squad! They find a dungeon that houses the clavis, but is locked by a door that can only open once someone learns from the murals of the Gods—otherwise known as reading part 1 of this Sitrep.

After searching high and low for ancient tablets to view the murals, Fang comes forward with Lightning and reveals that the Order wants the clavis to put the souls of the dead to rest—which would: A) kill Vanille, along with everyone in Nova Chrysalia (which, strangely enough, is what Bhunivelze wants), and B) counteract Lightning’s goal of saving everyone. They open the door and find the clavis, but the Order is closing in on them. Fang attempts to destroy the clavis to prevent the Order from acquiring it, but Lightning grabs hold of her, urging her to stop, as she could use the clavis to good use. She strikes the clavis, but they are sent flying back from a small blast from the box. They are forced to deal with reinforcements as the Order takes the clavis for themselves. Clavis—that sounds like a dirty word. They seal the two inside the room and take off with their prize. Lumina appears and tells the group that she tipped off the Order about the clavis’ location. She then tells the group that they will use the clavis on the last day, when the world will end. She opens the door and disappears. Fang and Lightning head their own separate ways as they wait for the end of days.


The Wildlands

Lightning travels to The Wildlands, when she hears a voice telling her of the Angel of Valhalla. Curious, she pursues leads on who or what the Angel of Valhalla is. She quickly learns that the Angel is actually a Chocobo adorned in white feathers, and that there is a person named Dr. Gysahl who knows all about the Angel. She speaks with him and learns that no one except the Angel’s chosen master can ride it, and that there is a massive amount of Chaos inside Etro’s Temple that requires the aid of the Angel. She heads out and finds the Angel being attacked by a monster, but she steps in and slays the beast. The Angel is bleeding excessively and the local hunters contact Dr. Gysahl as he sends a team to transport the Angel back to a nearby village to treat its wounds.

She returns to the village and learns that the Angel is slowly dying from starvation, and that the Chocobo will not accept anyone’s food. On a hunch that Lightning could be its chosen master, he asks her to feed the Angel—and it works! After nurturing the Angel back to health, she ventures off with her, um… Chocobo steed to Etro’s temple. Once inside, she encounters Caius, even though he killed himself like the little bitch he is. He casts a curse on Lightning that makes her more vulnerable to the Chaos inside the temple and flees like a coward, while Lumina appears behind her, warning her that if she ventures deeper into the temple, she would lose her powers. Bitch, shut yo fuckin’ mouth! She heads out to pursue Caius, when she encounters Yeul. She learns that Yeul was the one who told her of the Angel of Valhalla. She then asks her to put Caius out of his misery, and Lightning gladly accepts.

Etro's Temple.jpg

Why do I get the feeling that something bad will happen here?

As she gets closer to Caius’ hideout, one of the Yeuls along the way tells her that they were responsible for the Chaos that dragged her into Valhalla after she awoke from crystal stasis. She eventually reaches Etro’s throne room, where Caius waits for her. They do battle and Lightning comes out on top. Caius speaks up and informs her that his soul cannot be claimed, as evidenced by his terrible circus act of flinging his sword into the air and having it land on him. He dies, but is then brought back to life.

He explains that as long as Yeul is alive, they will continue to give him life. He also explains that Yeul is the Chaos reborn after she dies. Caius does not desire to live in the New World, so he insists that he and the Yeuls stay behind. He disappears and Lightning leaves the temple. As she leaves, Yeul appears once more and reveals that the Angel of Valhalla was none other then Lightning’s old Eidolon: Odin! YAY FOR CANON BREAKING FAN SERVICE!!!


After doing her business in the temple, she ventures off and finds Sazh inside a crashed airship, where he laments his son’s condition. After the Chaos was unleashed, Dajh was unable to wake up. He’s not dead, mind you—his soul is split into five fragments and are scattered throughout all of Nova Chrysalia. After finding all of them, she hands the fragments to Sazh and gives them to Dajh, awakening him from his eternal sleep.



Lightning arrives once again in Yusnaan to claim Snow’s soul. But, unlike last time, the guards are on high alert, making infiltration much harder than before. Hope suggests sneaking into the palace, and Lightning searches for any exploits in Yusnaan that she can take advantage of. She finds the gate leading to the palace, but it’s locked, and only the rich with ID clarification are allowed in for the festivities. But, thankfully, a nearby tour guide—who so happens to be playing Clash on the Big Bridge like a boss—offers her a secret pass far behind the palace to see the fireworks display. She shells out her Gil and attends the show.

She arrives at the pier where the fireworks display begins, when it is interrupted by Lumina as she summons another monster to ruin the fun. She slays the beast, but it destroys the ground they stand on, plunging the two of them to their death. Oh wait—Lightning doesn’t die because that would be terrible!


She finds an ID card that grants her access to the palace and she makes her way there. Once inside, she puts on a show that sends the palace ablaze. She works her way through the palace and finds that Snow has sealed himself from everyone else. She busts through and discovers that Snow has been housing a massive amount of Chaos inside the palace. He steps in and absorbs the Chaos, transforming him into a Cie’th hybrid. She defeats him and transforms back into his human form after many Falcon Punches. The brand he once had is now gone forever.

The End is Nigh!

On the last day, Lightning charges into the cathedral to stop the Soulsong. Once she steps inside, Noel is waiting for her, since he knows what Lightning is after: to save Serah. He stays behind as Lightning enters the basement of the cathedral. She finds Fang deep inside the basement and they press onward to save Vanille. They reach the chamber just in time to witness the Soulsong being performed. They stop it and persuade Vanille to send the souls of the dead to the Ark. The Order doesn’t like this, so they force Vanille to perform the Soulsong. Snow suddenly crashes in and destroys the clavis, stopping the ritual entirely. Fang and Vanille speak to the souls of the dead and instruct them to find the Ark, where they can be reborn in the New World; Lightning afterwards claims both of their souls. Time stops and Lumina and Yeul appear before her. Lumina informs Lightning that she kept Serah’s soul safe, because Bhunivelze cast her soul aside. At the last chime of the bell, Bhunivelze appears in the form of Hope and takes everyone away.


She faces Bhunivelze’s altered form head on and is given an offer she cannot refuse: Become the new Goddess of the Dead and keep the Chaos in check. She politely declines the offer… with her sword. She is then teleported to another dimension, where Bhunivelze’s true form awaits. She confronts Bhunivelze and learns that he will destroy the New World he created, as she is defying His goal by stopping the Soulsong. They enter mortal combat and Lightning ultimately comes out on top—along with some help from Hope, Snow, Sazh, Noel, Fang, Vanille, Caius, Yeul, and Serah. Bhunivelze turns to crystal after being brutally raped up the ass, and Caius stays behind with one of the incarnations of Yeul to become the rulers of the new Unseen Realm. Since any otherworldly entities are unwelcome in the New World, Mog and the Eidolons fade from existence. They step through the gate and enter the New World, free from Gods and fal’Cie, where they live happily ever after.


The End.