The Com-cast is a podcast that runs from 60-90 minutes, and is the original venture that started it all. Alex and Simon (with the occasional guest) sit down and analyze some of the most substantial, though not necessarily the latest, trends and issues that involve or affect the gaming world at large in a casual and conversational way.

Our Let's Play series kicked off in January 2014 with a full play-through of Halo 3 on the Xbox One. They usually run about 30-40 minutes and provide Alex, Simon, and occasional guests the opportunity to talk about a variety of things, especially content, news, or stories that might not fit into any of the other GameDistiller projects.

The Weekend Short-Takes is a weekly news wrap-up, covering a handful of the most interesting or eventful news stories of the past week. Importantly, however, it does not try to serve as a laundry list repost; instead, a panel of gaming enthusiasts take an in-depth look at them, carefully sorting through the potential ramifications on the industry and gamers alike in a short and digestible manner.

Synoptic Sitreps are Sparknotes for some of the biggest game franchises out there, so whether you are looking at jumping into a new series, or have played some of the games and don't understand what's going on, these will help you navigate your way through the complex narratives, expanded universes, and lore.

Mindshare is a more traditional editorial type of content. Why? Because the topics covered don’t quite fit into a podcast topic, which predominantly consider larger trends in the industry as a whole, and they aren’t part of the Weekend Short-Takes, since it isn’t news either. Thus, once a month we will take a question or a major issue in the industry and try to come up with new responses to it or a careful exposition of the issue at hand to prompt a discussion about it.