RTX 2015- Day 2 Liveblog

18:32  The Patch Panel

With the debut of the Free Play Teaser, the Panel comes to an end. Hope you have enjoyed and come back tomorrow for more.

18:28  The Patch Panel

Lightning Round Q- What do you think of Dishonored?

Ryan- Yay! Next please?

18:27  The Patch Panel

Q- If you could take two games and combine them to make one awesome game what would they be?

Gus- Fallout 4 and Fallout 3. No quesiton. Maybe Butt Sniffing Papers Please.

Ryan- With all these Steam indie games I feel like I already have anthing that I want, like space and building, and there's already a ton of them.

18:23  The Patch Panel

Q- What game are you all looking forward to this year?

Meg- Until Dawn. Of all the games that no one cares about Until Dawn.

Gus- Its really hard to say for me, I just really can't keep track of everthing till like September. So probably Metal Gear Solid. Also Fallout 4, I've already told my wife that I'm going to just be a sweat stain on the couch. She then asked how that was differnt from normal.

18:19  The Patch Panel

Q-What's all of your favorite games from Game Club?

Meg- I really like Unfinished Swan.

Gus- What was the name of it? Oh ya! Spookie's House of Jump Scares; that was amazing.

Ashley- You mean Spookie's House of One Room? Mine would probably be Ori and the Blind Forest.

Ryan- Ya, that would be mine too.

18:15  The Patch Panel

Ashley- You don't even turn your own phone off in the airplane?

Meg- I'm lazy with my anxiety.

Gus- I would be too terrified, but nahhhhhh.

17:58  The Patch Panel

Ashley- It was trying to tackle big things like racism, and class war, and 70s hair. You know, the big stuff.

17:56  The Patch Panel

Meg- I don't find animatronics that scary. Thank you mom for taking me to Chucky Cheese's.

Ryan- Did you ever go under the curtain in Chucky Cheese's? It was all the reaping of children's souls.

17:54  The Patch Panel

And we've delved into that part of the Patch where they start talking about how usefully skinning someone's face would be so useful. And then Ryan explains how the bad guy's ideological diffrences makes it ok to kill them, since, you know, you're the protagonist.

17:43  The Patch Panel

Ryan- What is Butt Sniffing Pug?

Meg- You don't remember what Butt Sniffing Pug is? It was at E3.

Ryan- Which I wasn't at!


17:31  The Patch Panel

And the Panel has begun! On stage here is Meg, Ryan, Gus and Ashley. So let's see how things go, as Gus just said, he has no idea about anything going on outside of RTX.

17:15  The Patch Panel by GD_Davis

The Patch Panel is about to begin. We will be giving you the latest as it develops so get ready for everything or anything about video games. 

16:03  X-Ray and Vav Panel  by GD_Davis

That's the end of the X-Ray and Vav Panel. Pay attention for more content from the rest if RTX as the day progresses. 

16:02  X-Ray and Vav Panel  by GD_Davis

Ray-Ya my dad's been like what the heck,  I was in your whole life. I've had to like tell him it's for the story, it's X-Ray's dad not Ray's.

15:48  X-Ray and Vav Panel  by GD_Davis

Gavin-Would you say that you jerk off more than before you left? 

Ray-Uh, ya definitely gonna be a yes. 


15:38  X-Ray and Vav Panel  by GD_Davis

Patrick- In every episode there is a penis hidden. They're big, small, some you see easily and others are really hard to see. 

15:25  X-Ray and Vav Panel  by GD_Davis

Grey- I get drunk. 

Ray- I mean I'm just basically myself. You know I do some warm ups. (Begins looking like he's using a shake weight)

Gav- They just keep getting me to add voice cracks into my lines. The biggest note is always to be more high pitch. 

Michael- I mean I've been pushing this for a bit, so ya. I just go in the room and just (makes guttural noises) for the first bit to start. 

15:03  X-Ray and Vav Panel  by GD_Davis

And the Panel is kicking off with the a quick catch up of the latest episode released today. 

14:52  X-Ray and Vav Panel  by GD_Davis

The X-Ray and Vav Panel is about to be underway. The room is buzzing with excitement and you can't look without seeing some amazing cosplay. Look forward to news and highlights as they come.

14:34  Ten Little Roosters Panel  by GD_Davis

The panel has come to an end, and what a panel it was. Look forward to more content on the convention as it develops. 

14:31 by GD_Davis

Q- How did you like reading the Theory?

Josh- They were really nice,  since I could either curb a theory I really didn't like and stomp it out, or continue a crazy theory I really liked,  and some peoples ideas that just sorta ended up in there.

14:26  Ten Little Roosters Panel  by GD_Davis

Q- Do you think you will be having the characters jumping through dimensions into RvB, RWBY or X-Ray and Vav?

Josh- I mean I got a lot of ideas for stuff. The main thing is thinking about ways to keep the audience involved.

14:23  Ten Little Roosters Panel  by GD_Davis

Q- What was one of your favorite lines?

Barbara- Definitely the conversation with Michael, trying to figure out how many dicks he should suck, I think we ended up with 8.

Chris- Probably with Burnie not knowing what Lord of the Rings was. 

14:18  Ten Little Roosters Panel  by GD_Davis

Q- What was the most challenging part about writing the riddle? 

Josh- Ah, that's really hard.  I just kinda free formed and added parts and not others,  then tried to make it all fit together and mislead as many people as possible. It was hard to do. 

14:16  Ten Little Roosters Panel  by GD_Davis

The master of mischief has done it again! A total bait and switch,  promising deleted scenes they have revealed Eleven Little Roosters! A new spy thriller coming 2016.

14:13  Ten Little Roosters Panel  by GD_Davis

Josh- Mainly one of the main things I had to do was avoid taking up too much space in the office, so if you look at it its really a show of pairs and mixed personalities and it was really interesting. There were some new pairs I don't think I've ever seen before, which were nice. 

14:00  Ten Little Roosters Panel  by GD_Davis

Barbara- I remember hitting Ryan with cucumbers. 

Ryan- Ya,  and I just kept getting slapped by meat. 

Josh- And then you went and filmed Ten Little Roosters.  (Mic drop)

13:55  Ten Little Roosters Panel  by GD_Davis

Miles- Who was your favorite person to kill? 

Josh- I think I liked Burnie's, but conceptually I really liked Adam's.

13:45  Ten Little Roosters Panel  by GD_Davis

Josh- Only one person actually got it right out of everyone. All 16 completely correct. 

Barbara- And they must be eliminated.

13:39  Ten Little Roosters Panel  by GD_Davis

Adam- Did you kill people off on purpose with Lazer Team in production? 

Josh- Oh definitely, but I had to throw in Chris to throw you all off.

Ryan- The adorable underdog that never had a chance. 

13:36  Ten Little Roosters Panel  by GD_Davis

And we're off! We have with us here Adam Kovic to moderate, and Josh the creator of Ten Little Roosters, Barbara, Chris, Ryan, and planting his twin brother a firm kiss on the lips, Miles Luna. 

13:32  Ten Little Roosters Panel  by GD_Davis

As Egoraptor serenades us the Ten Little Roosters Panel is about to begin. Stay tuned for mystery, mischief, and maybe even MURDER! 

12:02  Red vs Blue Panel  by GD_Davis

Following the epic sneak peek of episode 18 the RvB Panel has come to a close. Hope you stay tuned for more from the rest of the convention later today. 

11:53  Red vs Blue by GD_Simon

Q. What sparked the idea for RvB?

Burnie: Using a game to animate a series was just an idea I had. I wanted to show people my Halo gameplay, and eventually wanted to make it more cinematic. We were only gonna do 6 episodes but then it was insanely popular, so we kept going.

11:41  Red vs Blue Panel by GD_Simon

Q. What scene was the most difficult to write and machinimate?

Miles: Ep. 15/16 was probably the hardest thing for me to write, I really liked Doyle. Not only because of the emotional weight though, but because there was so much going on, like five storylines at once.

11:35  Red vs Blue Panel  by GD_Davis

Q- Who is your favorite person to deal with? 

Miles- I really love to work with Sarge, as the video had shown. 

Burnie- Has it always been that way? 

Miles- Well ya,  I really love working with like Sarge and Caboose because they're just so out there and deep and wonderful. Cause you think Caboose and you think puppies and flowers, but it's more than that he's a murderer, he's jealous and deep down inside I honestly think he's the smartest. And in the same way Sarge is like the senile older father, who just like tells a joke and then tells it again to make sure your listening. 

11:29 by GD_Simon

Q. If you could fight any character in RvB who would it be?

Miles: Simmons, cause I know I'd win.

Kyle. I'd fight Griff for the same reason, I know I'd win.

Josh: Doc, cause he couldn't fight back.

Burnie: I'd fight the Meta, cause fuck it.

Matt: I play Doc, he's a pacifist.

11:27  Red vs Blue Panel  by GD_Davis

Q- Did you find it difficult to market?

Burnie- It definitely affected our approach. Like, going back looking at the trailer we mentioned Master Chief, ugh. We really wanted to also get the video game crowd and arts crowd. 

Matt- Ya, we started with mainly video game fans, then a big gap and then the fine arts group who really liked our stuff who actually invited us to a bunch of stuff. 

Burnie-Ya, but Halo has been a big part of RvB. We love Halo. 

11:21  Red vs. Blue Panel by GD_Simon

Q. The next season will have multiple story lines/characters, what are the chances of those characters coming back in later seasons?

A. RvB 14 will be a big collaborative thing, where we will tell all kinds of stories for characters we want to explore, lots of whom will be previously established characters. Things like short stories in the RvB universe.

11:19  Red vs Blue Panel  by GD_Davis

Q- Who's each of your character's favorite person?

Burnie- Church's is Church.

Matt- Of course shotgun.

Josh- He'd like to pretend it's Captain Grif but it's not really anyone. 

Miles-Felix's whoever he needs it to be at the time.

11:09 by GD_Davis

Official release date for the RvB book is November 17th. Look forward to that later this year. It will contain some expanded stories in the world of RvB, and goes in depth behind individual characters. 

11:07  Red vs Blue Panel  by GD_Davis

The Red vs Blue Panel has officially started! Starting with a sneak peak at PSA: Sarge 2: Sarge Harder! 

11:04  Red vs. Blue Panel by GD_Simon

Miles came on stage and immediately kicked it off with a new exclusive PSA/movie trailer!

10:20 by GD_Simon

Good morning and welcome to Saturday! Our team is already in three different panels throughout RTX this morning, and we'll be bringing you an absolute deluge of pictures and updates from all the presenters here this year. First up, Crunchyroll, Red vs. Blue, and the first of the two Achievement Hunter panels!

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