RTX 2015- Day 1 Liveblog

18:58  On The Spot with the Game Grumps by GD_Davis

And at the end of the day Kerry and Dan have won Ray! I hope you have enjoyed the coverage of the On the Spot panel and hope you continue watching for more exciting news as it develops. 

18:49  On The Spot with the Game Grumps by GD_Davis

Person suggested by Ray: his Mom.

Location- Pizza Hut

Genre- Rom Com

This is gonna be interesting.

18:43  On The Spot with the Game Grumps

And now Dan and Arin have switched and now teams are more or less meaningless at this point according to Jon. 

18:38 by GD_Davis

Jon- Our first letter is...

*from the crowd- Fuck!

Jon-Did someone just say fuck? School musta been real hard for you. 

18:36  On The Spot with the Game Grumps by GD_Davis

Miles- Some say Papa Johns is better,  but FUCK THEM. 

18:28  On The Spot with the Game Grumps

And halfway through the game Kerry has joined Arin to form Frighteningly Enormous Cuffs and Dan has joined Miles to create Fistipenis. 

18:16  On The Spot with the Game Grumps by GD_Davis

Sausage Fear

Jon- Also known as no homo.

Miles-What's that like? 

Kerry- Beats me. 

18:09  On The Spot with the Game Grumps

Bathroom Stalling

Miles- When you hide from a classy date at like olive garden or something because it's like going terrible and just waiting for the check to get there and then delete all contact info. 

Arin- It's when a communist dictator takes a dump.

18:05  On The Spot with the Game Grumps

Jon has introduced the two teams. 

Team Fisticuffs with Kerry, and Miles.

Team Frighteningly Large Penis with Dan and Arin.

17:53  On The Spot with the Game Grumps by GD_Davis

The live episode of On the Spot with special guest stars the Game Grumps is about to begin. Stay tuned for all the highlights and funny moments. 

17:14  Grifball by GD_Phillip

When asked which one of the three panelists was the best at Grifball, Goosechecka responds that "those who cannot Grif, administrate. Hence why we are administrators."

17:07  Grifball by GD_Phillip

"There's no highlight without someone getting highlighted on."

-comment regarding a particularly brutal extermination of the enemy team. 

17:02  Grifball by GD_Phillip

Highlight reel from the spring 2015 season. 

17:00  Grifball by GD_Phillip

From left to right: Kal, Goosechecka, and Nuclear Taco, all members of the Grifballhub staff. 

16:49  Grifball by GD_Phillip

At the Grifball panel, which is just about to start!

16:33  Internet Box Panel by GD_Davis

And as we flip the bird to the RTAA panel through Barbara's phone Michael calls this panel a wrap. Hope you enjoyed,  and stay tuned for more content from the convention. 

16:30  Internet Box Panel by GD_Davis

Q- Can you do an a capella rendition of the Yugioh theme song? 


16:12  Internet Box Panel by GD_Davis

Andy- maybe you will finally find a bird. 

Mike- Either a bird or a cripple.

*From the crowd- At least the cripple can't run! 

16:09  Internet Box Panel by GD_Davis

Q- Andy what's it like interning? 

Andy- It's pretty cool,  some days I do some editing others I do nothing really. 

Kerry- Oh we could keep you busy. 

Andy- Well you have better air conditioning so maybe. 

16:00  Internet Box Panel by GD_Davis

Andy- I got something to say from the Ruby panel. So I shake my leg just as a thing, and the person just to my left puts his hand on my knee and says stop. Like fuck you stranger,  who even are you? 

15:55  Internet Box Panel by GD_Davis

Michael- Shit we gotta do another 10 of these.

Andy-Nope 12. I'll compromise with you,  11 1/2. 

15:47  Internet Box Panel by GD_Davis

Michael now running around the room solo to big booty bitches and gave Ray a lap dance before tripping on his way back up stage. 

15:44  Internet Box Panel by GD_Davis

And Michael has finally arrived!

15:39  Internet Box Panel by GD_Davis

Kerry- So what's it like having a house Lindsay? 

Lindsay-It's nice I can walk around naked whenever I want. 

Andy- Ya,  I stayed home one day and did a full lap. 


15:34  Internet Box Panel by GD_Davis

Kerry- I just came from the RWBY Panel where I consciously tried not to curse. So FUCK IT!

15:32  Internet Box Panel by GD_Davis

The Internet Box crew has taken the stage. Here we have Barbara,  Lindsay,  Andy,  Kerry, Mike, and Ray. Michael still in the way from center stage.

15:25  Internet Box Panel by GD_Davis

The Internet Box Panel will begin momentarily, stay tuned for updates on the critically acclaimed podcast, and whatever cringe worthy stories they have to tell this time. 

15:09  RWBY Panel by GD_Davis

And with Lindsay hugging a monster of Grimm cosplayer the RWBY Panel has come to an end. Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more content from the rest of RTX.

15:06  RWBY Panel by GD_Davis

Q- Will you ever try to all cosplay and live action some stuff? 

Kerry- Well when I grow a couple of inches. 

Lindsay- And I shrink a few. 

Barbara- Just switch. I want to see Kerry in Ruby cosplay!

15:02  RWBY Panel

Q- If you could say one thing to your character what would it be? 


Lindsay- I'd probably just have a lot of awkward looks and just shuffle around like "hi... oh."

14:57  RWBY Panel by GD_Davis

Q- Will the show remain open to both the Rooster Teeth audience, and younger audiences? 

Kerry- We would want to keep this show available to as wide an audience as possible. 

Gray- We will have to deal with some serious stuff,  sorta just as Harry Potter grows up, so will RWBY. 

14:45  RWBY Panel

Character debut:

 Winter, Weiss's older sister,  voiced by Elizabeth Maxwell.

Uncle Qrow, Ruby and Yang's uncle,  voiced by Vic Mignogna.

14:37  RWBY Panel by GD_Davis

Gray- What's some of the ways that you get back into character? 

Lindsay- I like to listen to some of the music like Lucky Start, or if I really need to get into Ruby Penny Star.

14:28  RWBY Panel by GD_Davis

Saw a sneak peak of the Japanese Dub of the first Volume of RWBY. Voice actors from such reputable animes as Bleach, Kill la Kill, and Sword Online have been cast for the cast of RWBY. 

14:17  RWBY Panel by GD_Davis

Just saw a video of the new RWBY video game, showcasing all four members of RWBY as playable characters. 

Miles- And Blake does this cool cat thing! 

14:03  RWBY Panel by GD_Davis

*from the crowd "I LOVE YOU MILES"

Miles- I like you as a friend. 

14:02  RWBY Panel by GD_Davis

And with a deafening roar from the fans as Miles Luna takes the stage the RWBY Panel has started! 

13:56  RWBY Panel by GD_Davis

The RWBY Panel is about to kick off. Stay tuned for coverage and the latest updates from the panel.  

12:35  Tales from the Floor by GD_Davis

People lining around the block to see the RWBY panel this afternoon. Needless to say, they're excited!

12:16  Tales from the Floor by GD_Davis

The halls are packed waiting for the chance to just line up for the RWBY panel. Can't wait to see the turnout!

11:22 by GD_Alex

So the floor doesn't open till 12, but are setting up in the media room to bring you all the days activities. We will have full panel coverage as well as floor coverage and interviews. What's everyone looking forward to the most at this year's RTX?


10:47  RTX 2015 by GD_Alex

While we wait for those, I'll go ahead and introduce our team at this year's RTX. We're bringing the largest crew we've ever had, all veterans of previous RTXs. Besides Simon and myself, we are joined by Phillip, writing under GD_Phillip, Davis (GD_Davis), Sam (GD_Sam), and Jack (GD_jfenix). Stay tuned for more!

10:42  RTX 2015! by GD_Alex

Hey everyone, Alex from Gamedistiller here, and welcome to RTX 2015! We're excited to bring you all the news, updates, and interviews with some of the internet's biggest personalities. We're all set to kickoff soon, in the meantime, check out some snaps of the line we got on the way in. 

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