RTX 2015- Day 3 Liveblog

17:01  The Know Panel

And with that, our live coverage of RTX 2015 has come to a close. Thanks so much for tuning in, and we'll see you right here again next year!

16:56  The Know Panel

Q: How do you develop more original reporting and exclusive scoops?

Ashley: We've all been in the industry for a very long time.

Lawrence: I was at Attack of the Show, G4, and AOL games way before, I've made those relationships over time.

16:50  The Know Panel

Q: Do you ever receive information from anonymous sources and immediately discard it as untrustworthy or too controversial?

Meg: I guess we like to cause controversy but only just a little controversy. I don't think people really respect how big the decision is to report the news and possibly ruin someone's life work.

Bruce: We get lots of information that we don't ever show or cover.

16:49  The Know Panel

Ashley made a pun about the Know. Sarcastic applause. Now Meg too. Oh boy.

16:47  The Know Panel

Q: How do you verify your sources?

Lawrence: We really can't, the story really hinges on whether or not you trust us. It's about developing a reputation, and that comes with time. We can't reveal more and possibly cost someone's career. We won't do that for a 5 minute YouTube video.

16:45  The Know Panel

Meg: Editing is the fastest part for me because I write for it with the finished product in mind.

Matt Peak also just doesn't stop working until the job is done.

16:43  The Know Panel

Ashley: Editing is actually the longer part, but we have the assets to work with, and that kind of stuff helps a lot.

16:42  The Know Panel

Q: How do you post content so quickly?

Meg: Eat your lunch at your desk. At SourceFed I got in the flow of writing scripts and turning them around really quick. You just get in the habit of doing it.

16:41  The Know Panel

Meg: 4 days doesn't sound like a lot of time but in the Internet that's YEARS.

16:39  The Know Panel

Q: Funhaus, on your Half-Life 3, how long did you take to get it together?

Lawrence: 4 days, because we brought in a lot of other info too, and I put in a lot of time after-hours as well.

16:37  The Know Panel

Lawrence: Writing is dying. In a huge way. Most news stories now, people get all they want out of a tweet. You can do that, but you'll basically be reposting what other people are doing and hoping for some reason people want to read yours.


Q: Would you be interested in the future of making a text based section on the new website to cover news faster.

Meg: There are already text updates on the new website.

Ashley: I see text updates for smaller things that we don't want to spend 5 minutes and 1200 words talking about, but not going over news we've already covered in video.

16:34  The Know Panel

Bruce: But basically anything Halo is Adam Kovic's.

16:33  The Know Panel by GD_Simon

Meg: I've done so many stories about Pornhub statistics and I LOVE them.

16:32  The Know Panel by GD_Simon

Q: Since FunHaus comes on board, how do you choose who gets what story?

Meg: First come, first serve.

Lawrence: I make a doc each morning and when the name shows up that's it.

16:30  The Know Panel by GD_Simon

Q: Since you are expanding, do you have anything in the pipeline for more in-depth, multi-part stories?

Meg: Who gave you our roadmap? So basically what he's saying is we're very predictable.

Ashley: Yes, but we don't have anything to say yet.

16:29  The Know Panel by GD_Simon

Their new teleprompter is amazing. A huge upgrade over a sad little iPad that could never connect.

16:27  The Know Panel by GD_Simon

Q: When you guys are doing an episode of The Know, how much rehearsal is there, and do you guys have a teleprompter for quotes?

Ashley: We script pretty fully, but feel free to deviate occasionally to add an opinion or joke. We definitely loosened up how rigid we originally were.

16:25  The Know Panel by GD_Simon

Q. Is there ever a time when mean comments are too much, and if so how do you get out of that feeling?

A. Bruce. No, basically. When the Half Life 3 story broke, I spent the entire weekend responding to comments. And while I got tired of it, I felt I had to keep responding. I'm not insulted if they don't agree with us, but if they question the facts I am going to dive in and find out why. I'm not going to get insulted just for the sake of it.

Meg: I agree. I experienced something similar with the Angry Joe story. I just wanted to hash out what the root of the issue with me is. Find out the facts.

Ashley: Yea, while this can be an issue, our YouTube community is awesome and mostly give us a lot of great input.

16:22  The Know Panel by GD_Simon

Now for Q&A.

Q. What's your main source for news? How do you decide what's newsworthy?

A. Ashley: It's a mix. Some of it is word of mouth, either hearing things in the office or from contacts in the industry. Honestly, I probably stay away from other news sites to avoid coloring my own writing. It can be useful to go elsewhere for quotes, but otherwise I try to avoid it.

Meg. I agree with all of that, plus I use social media a lot. Its a great way to decide what people are interested in. Also, Ashley and I need to have something we want to say about it. If its provocative to us, we are going to cover it.

Lawrence: If we can link stories, or find trends, basically we want to add something new to the viewer. If you are talking to a very informed audience they already know the headline, therefore you need to add something new.

Bruce: They got it all.

16:18  The Know Panel by GD_Simon

Meg- One of the best things we all do is read all the comments. I totally disagree with people who say don't read the comments, because reading the comments is one of the best ways to get constructive criticism.

16:16  The Know Panel by GD_Simon

Meg- One of the neat things about working with you guys now is that we can disagree and cover stories in different ways.

16:15  The Know Panel

Bruce- We like to try and provide the information, but in a fun way. Not a CNN kind of way. Like how Jon Stewart has changed the way news is reported, we are kind of trying to do the same thing online.

16:15  The Know Panel

Bruce- We like to try and provide the information, but in a fun way. Not a CNN kind of way. Like how Jon Stewart has changed the way news is reported, we are kind of trying to do the same thing online.

16:09  The Know Panel

Ashley: Huge E3, never done anything on that scale, we also became the only news outlet in history to beg for more guys to come on. Damn.

16:08  The Know Panel

Meg: Speaking of naked Blaine, there's a lot of dicks in 1 million dollars... But.

We're basically just creating a new show that follows Blaine's pecs throughout the day.

16:07  The Know Panel

Doesn't take anything to get Blaine to do two things: talk about Star Wars, and take off his clothes.

16:06  The Know Panel

It was real difficult to make the Know-It-All not so dungeony because it was in a hangar.

16:04  The Know Panel

There are now finally off the greenscreen. So... is Funhaus gonna fly out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday?

16:03  The Know Panel

Apparently this set has been finished for about 6 months, but they've just been waiting on little things here and there.

16:01  The Know Panel

These changes will take effect starting on Monday!

16:00  The Know Panel

...and here we are for the final panel of this conference, just like last year. We've got Ashley, Meg, Bruce, and Lawrence. Ashley is about to reveal to us their major branding refresh and new studio setup!

15:26  Achievement Hunter Panel #2

And even though the panel is continuing for another half hour, we are headed over to our final panel this conference, The Know!

15:23  Achievement Hunter Panel #2

Q: How do you guys manage to not murder people when you keep fucking up?

Michael: We just get to kill so many people in GTA with no repercussion, it's so nice.

Ryan: Well, most of it's taken care of by that.

Geoff: Security?

15:22  Achievement Hunter Panel #2

Q: How do you get more traffic to your YouTube channel?

Michael: Do stupid shit, eat stupid shit.

Gavin: I'm finding lots of success in giant balloons.

15:21  Achievement Hunter Panel #2

Q: Do you guys have any words of advice for people going through depression?

Jack: Remember the power that comes from inside you, surround yourself with friends and family.

15:19  Achievement Hunter Panel #2

Geoff: I bet your mom's real proud of you now.

15:18  Achievement Hunter Panel #2

What will the next evolution of AH be?

Michael: Porn.

He is taking the belt off and the fly is coming down. Yep those pants came off.

15:17  Achievement Hunter Panel #2

Q: Jeremy, is there anyways we could get Rooster Teeth rap battles with the original guys?

Jeremy: No way in hell I could convince Gavin to do a rap battle. Maybe Joel vs. Caboose in real life.

15:16  Achievement Hunter Panel #2

The panel's going to questions now.

15:15  Achievement Hunter Panel #2

Michael put bros before hoes evidently.

15:13  Achievement Hunter Panel #2

All hail King Geoff.

15:11Achievement Hunter Panel #2

This just in: Michael got 2 seasons of Monk!

15:11  Achievement Hunter Panel #2

Tribute is now being collected at the front of the stage. And behold, the lambs did provide libation, peaches, $2 for Gavin, crowns for Michael and Ryan, masks, flasks, and just about everything in between. There must be at least 100 people that have come up to provide sacrificial offerings.

15:09  Achievement Hunter Panel #2 by GD_Simon

Michael: We're like professional losers, we win and we're like how bad are you?

15:08  Achievement Hunter Panel #2 by GD_Simon

AH bragging about their destruction of FunHaus on the show floor in Rainbow Six Siege.

15:08  Achievement Hunter Panel #2 by GD_Simon

Quite a few repeat panel attendees, it looks like.

15:08  Achievement Hunter Panel #2 by GD_Simon

Jack: What we got in store Geoff?

Geoff: Yes.

15:06  Achievement Hunter Panel #2 by GD_Simon

Up front we've got Gavin, Michael, Ryan, Jack, Geoff, Lindsay, Matt, and Jeremy.

15:06  Achievement Hunter Panel #2 by GD_Simon

Michael just streaked out into the crowd with Gavin in close pursuit filming.

15:05  Achievement Hunter Panel #2

And heeeeeeeeeeere they come!

15:04  Achievement Hunter Panel #2

The theme of this one is horror game themed, with Slender, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Amnesia so far.

15:02  Achievement Hunter Panel #2

We are here at the second AH panel and we are kicking things off with one of Jeremy's game rap videos.

12:23  RT Podcast

Q: What are your most anticipated games this fall?

Fallout 4.

Burnie: Although I freaking love Rocket League and it came out of nowhere.

Gus: You can't stop yourself from getting excited and yelling.

Jack: The new Doom for me. Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Halo 5 is gonna be awesome.

12:21  RT Podcast

Q: There are a lot of kids involved in your channel, what product would you like the younger generations to go back and experience?

Jack: Anyone use Encarta?

Burnie: Anyone after the year 95 to see what the world was like without mobile phones.

12:19  RT Podcast

Q: I want to hear your transition from a British to an American accent.

Gavin: Ass.

12:18  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Q: Jack, there seems to be a new addition to the Tower of Pimps.

Jack: Yeah, Joel finally got the balls to sign the Tower of Pimps. Retribution will be swift and painful.

12:15  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Gus: I got into it because flight is so safe that when something happens it's highly unusual, so I like looking into it.

12:14  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Q: Gus, I've been wondering about your passion about aviation misfortunes. How did you get into that, and will you get a pilot's license to avoid other people.

Gus: Esther is convinced all single engine planes just crash. I really really want to, it's why I play Flight Simulator so much.

Gavin: Why don't you just parachute out?

12:11  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Q: If you all had a different job to do in RT, what would it be?

Burnie: An animator, cause that would mean I'd have talent.

Gavin: I'd be Patrick Rodriguez.

12:10  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Q: Gus you are the self-proclaimed guru of efficiency around the office. What is the most inefficient thing you've seen at the office?

Gus: Everything is like that. The biggest thing is the inefficiency of the bathrooms.

Burnie: This is gonna be the next 30 minutes of the podcast.

12:09  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Q: If you could go back to any point in the last five years and give us some advice or warning, what would it be?

Jack: Invest in Mojang or something.

Gus: Tell myself to let someone else organize RTX.

Burnie: I did everything perfect.

12:07  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Q: Million dollars in cash, BUT Gus Sorola has to do an ad read for you every day for the rest of your life. Then he randomly gets to do one more during the day. He can interrupt anything.

Gavin: A spot of intercourse?

Burnie: I'd absolutely do that, only because it'd make Gus's life so much harder.

12:04  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Now we're moving on to the Q&A portion of the podcast. Brace yourselves.

12:03  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Talking about Kdin getting engaged now, Gus says he probably won't officiate the ceremony. He has planned on retiring from officiating for a while now. Wants to maintain his 100% streak.

11:58  RT Podcast

Gus- Also, I'd like to thank Barbara for helping me organise this. She did a fantastic job on the program, there were over 100 panels this year.

11:57  RT Podcast

Gus- At the animation panel we also announced a partnership with Cartoon Hangover.

11:55  RT Podcast

Burnie- Taling about new stuff, we announced Immersion Season 3 coming later this year yesterday. Still deciding who the lab rats are.

11:54  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Jack- Apparently we disappointed people by enjoying the Magic the Gathering Let's Play, we might even do another one!

11:51  RT Podcast

Burnie: Whenever Gus auto makes a character, it always gives him the deepest possible frown.

11:49  RT Podcast

Gavin: My Mii's nose just starts at the biggest one possible. It overlaps the mouth.

11:47  RT Podcast

Alright, and the results are in. He got.... ONE!

11:46  RT Podcast

Jack is running into the crowd to get more Street Passes right now. This is very rare indeed.

11:45  RT Podcast

They're talking about the Murder at RTX augmented reality puzzle game.

11:41  RT Podcast

Gavin: I have less fun in games where you can't jump.

11:39  RT Podcast

Jack: Geoff is terrible at it. All four of us were at the bomb disposal point and Geoff was on another floor entirely with the defuser.

11:38  RT Podcast

What do you like so far about RTX?

Gavin: The people.

Jack: I got to play AC Syndicate and Achievement Hunter is playing Funhaus today in Rainbow Six Siege.

11:37  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

New proposal: Just have the line constantly moving in some giant real-life game of Snake, complete with high-fivers and sponsored Gatorade handouts.

11:36  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Burnie: We've tried everything with panel lines, like not being able to line up until an hour before.

Big laughter from the crowd assembled. Yeah right.

11:34  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Girls have surgical selfie skills according to Burnie, they can get in and out in five seconds flat.

11:33  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Burnie tells how he knows Gus is really tired since he heard someone shout at him and didn't tell him to shut up.

11:33  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Burnie "When I told my kids they were gonna be on the Lets Play chanel they got real serious and then started smoking and drinking. They really like Geoff."

11:28  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Burnie immediately "Let me tell you about the time Gavin thought his reflection was another person." Apparently it was a glass door and "they" both reached for the door at the same time.

11:27  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Jack is tired of people thinking Gavin is that dumb. He's silly, not dumb.

11:27  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Gus, in response to Gavin talking about MH370, "Does planes float on water?"

11:26  RT Podcast

Jack is annoyed now that Gavin apparently gets things riht more often in Let's Plays, but he says them in the dumbest ways

11:25  RT Podcast

They're talking about the MH370 part that was found by Reunion, just east of Madagascar.

11:24  RT Podcast

We are now moving into the air disaster portion of the podcast.

11:23  RT Podcast

Shoutout to Banff, Canada, where BNL was the night before they flew out for this conference.

11:22  RT Podcast

Barenaked Ladies have been in existence about as long as Gavin.

11:20  RT Podcast

Apparently the line for the concert last night wrapped clear around one city block. For reference, 3/4ths of a block is 1200 people.

11:19  RT Podcast

Jack has apparently gone through three different PAs at this point.

11:18  RT Podcast

For $100, just for clarification.

11:17  RT Podcast

Gavin poured packets of maple syrup into his PA's pockets. Yup, you read that right.

11:17  RT Podcast

Burnie is asking his PA if she also carries Band-Aids with her, cause so far it's only been snacks.

11:13  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Gus: RTX has been fun except for the Kinda Funny panel yesterday when Greg Miller hit me.

11:12  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Apparently the shell of the old RT office on 7th and Congress is in the process of being torn down.

11:10  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

For those of you keeping score, that was six minutes until Gavin's dick was discussed.

11:09  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Gavin apparently had to go to American accent training for Lazer Team. Meg was very worried.

Burnie: British guys are known for the accents. Not big dicks.

11:08  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

Dan the Man is here, and he pronounces the word taco wrong. Gavin is apparently basically an honorary American at this point.

11:07  RT Podcast by GD_Simon

By the by, we've got Gus, Gavin, Jack, and Burnie on this.

11:06  RT Podcast

Burnie: Welcome to the city full of traffic jams and lines. It's awesome to be the one weekend in the year when we're the cause of all that bullshit.

11:06  RT Podcast

Wow there are a lot of people in the room here which are first timers.

11:05  RT Podcast

We are live! Burnie took a quick pit stop to sit next to an ordinary attendee. She's apparently from Nebraska, which Burnie says is boring.

10:25  Day 3 by GD_Simon

Good morning all! It's our final day here at RTX but that doesn't mean we're slowing down at all. There are still tons of interviews and panels to come. Right now, we are reporting form the Hilton for the RT Podcast panel, where the people in the front row had to arrive at 6 AM for the 10 AM panel to grab their coveted spot.

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