Japan Expo 2013- Day 1

DAY 1: No Lunchtime Rush?

photo 2.JPG

 Among some of the major festivities I attended was the West Coast debut of Mamoru Hosada's new movie Wolf Children. The film was heavily promoted at the convention to the point that nearly just about everyone on the show floor was literally discussing how great it was.


Awkwardness aside, I was extremely underwhelmed by the first day of Japan Expo. Most of this can easily be attributed to the lack of attendance throughout the day, something that comes as no surprise as it was being held during what most locals refer to as the first week of school. This worried most of the shopkeepers and folks maintaining the artist alley, as some of them even feared that the convention would close early due to a lack of visitors!

photo 1.JPG

Among some of the new shows being featured at Japan Expo was Studio Bones newly announced series Space Dandy, which was announced a while back at Otakon. From what I've seen from the trailers, this show looks extremely interesting for my tastes.

photo 4.JPG

And here's a production sketch from Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean.

However, the slight lack of attendees was somewhat beneficial for me, as I was able to attend several panels and movie screenings without having anyone complain behind me that I was blocking their view (especially when they were trying to make out the subtitles). It’s a familiar feeling, similar to renting out an entire theater simply for the purpose of a personal private screening.

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