Japan Expo 2013 Preview

by Jonathan Tung


In a few days time, Game Distiller will be heading to Japan Expo USA, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, CA as part of our ongoing On Location series. In case you have been living under a rock for the past few months, this is the very first time Japan Expo is being held in the United States, as previous iterations of the show were originally held in Paris, France, going back all the way to 1999. Since then, it has expanded to other cities around Europe, including Orleans and Marseille in France, as well as Brussels in Belgium.

    During the trip, we expect great things from the con, as we have learned that acclaimed Japanese video game composer Noriyuki IWADARE will be attending the show as a guest of honor, best known for conducting the soundtrack of the Ace Attorney series of games. He’ll be joined by fellow co worker Tatsuro Iwamoto, who serves of Art Director in the games, in addition to being the Japanese voice of Miles Edgeworth. This comes at an exciting time, as they have just finished up work on the Japanese version of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, and will be here as part of Capcom’s ongoing promotion of the American release.

    In addition to those two, Japan Expo will also play host with artist Yusuke Kozaki, best known for his work on games such as No More Heroes and Fire Emblem: Awakening, as well as legendary Gainax character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, best known for his work on the legendary anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion and the .hack// game franchise, as well as more recent fare including the recent Japanese hit Wolf Children. Hopefully this will prove to be a really exciting time for us, and maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll even be able to have some one-on-one discussion time with these famous artists.

    If any of you guys are interested in attending the con this weekend, single day tickets start at $20 while weekend tickets will be around $50 at best. Be prepared for long lines though, as we have learned that the convention is expected to have around 15,000 attendees attending, with even more to come. But if what we have learned from the French edition is true, then you can expect nothing but good times all weekend (in addition to a ton of Attack on Titan cosplayers).


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