RTX 2013- Day 3

The liveshoot this morning featured hundreds of attendees throwing water balloons at #DantheMan and Gavin, to be captured in slow motion. The line also seemed to be slow motion at times.


The line went on...


and on...


and on...


Rooster Teeth are accepting fan portfolios for professional review.


Iron Galaxy Studios are here to present their new IP, Divekick, a satirical homage to old fighting games.


Gamewisp demoed their cloud save system aka Dropbox for PC game saves, and talked about wanting to become the central unified distribution point for quality game mods.


Steve Jackson Games are displaying and demoing their board games, notably Munchkin.


Lootcrate are here distributing boxes of collected and themed geek swag. With a bus.


Grifball Hub are here to support and promote the sport that Rooster Teeth accidentally created in Red vs. Blue.


Night Light Interactive are here to demo their 2.5D sidescrolling horror game, Whispering Willows, featuring the OUYA platform.


Osiris Studios are demonstrating their FPS-RTS hybrid, Mist of Stagnation.


We're now in the marquee panel of the day, Red vs. Blue. As always, the main room is filled to the brim, save for the reserved seats up front.


9:37- Burnie is on stage, and is introducing the voice actors and writers.

Miles Luna
Shannon McCormick
Joel Heyman

9:38- Some good natured ribbing among the panelists.

9:41- Burnie talks about the first time he met Shannon. Meanwhile, Monty walks on stage. Shannon was on Breaking Bad.


9:42- The history of RvB and where it is today. It started back with just Burnie trying to explain to Geoff and Gus the concept about making movies in the video game, and made no sense. That first recording session from Geoff’s living room is still online.

It took off like a rocket, “falling up a cliff”, Apr. 1 2003, and it was linked on Fark, Slashdot, and Penny Arcade. They were just using the company bandwidth to distribute it. There was a computer in the corner of the office, and I would set it up. In 2 hours, the CTO of the company is in my office, asking how the entire company’s bandwidth is gone, and it’s all going through one port in your office.
I went and pulled it, but the next week it had 250,000 views, and by the end of the month it was 1 million views a week.

9:46- Speeding up, the office is moving around quite a lot, you guys are helping us outgrow this convention center. We did a rebirth with Reconstruction, Season 6.

We had seen a crazy video a few years later called Haloid, produced by Mr. Monty Oum. He went to work for video games for a few years, and then we met at a panel at Comic-Con. He totally refreshed the series in Season 8 with his animation. We can’t wait to see what he’s doing with Ruby.

9:48- Miles Luna came on in Season 10, and he was rare, he understood the voice of RvB coming in as a fan. He is the writer and director of RvB Season 11. He wrote the York-Carolina backstory in Season 10.

9:52- It’s really great, everyone has an internet-comment-reading voice.

9:53- Question time!

9:53- When Church died, did you know he was an AI, did you plan that far ahead?

Burnie- I didn’t write 10 years of content before I started; we started layering some things in. We always approach RvB specially. It’s very serial, requiring you to watch previous episodes. We also have jokes that we layer in that you may not get for 3 or 4 years. Or more.

Kathleen, Agent Tex, has arrived!


9:56- What was your favorite line to record, and least favorite?


Shannon- If I remember correctly- it’s Wash’s catchphrase- The Worst Throw Ever… Of All Time. And Burnie laughing I think I got something in the ad lib. The pause in the end was added on.
My worst day was when I recorded for 1.5 hours, and Matt lost all the audio. There was some comedy gold in there, but I can’t remember what it was.

Kathleen- Season 8 or 9, I was recording, and I think Tex would just say the F-word. I was like, what the fuck are you talking about? It’s Tex. I like Buenos Dias cockbites, guess who’s back.

10:00- A thank you for my squadron and pilots, you have made such an influence in everything I do for this country.

Joel- What you do is a little more important than what we do.

Burnie- The only person with any military experience in the company is Geoff, and no one will ever write about that. With people from the military, the always come and say we named your characters after ones from RvB. But the scariest thing is that the person who operates the biggest equipment is always named Caboose.

10:03- A fan has just offered up a bottle of Republic Tequila in exchange for autographs.

10:04- They are now showing off the next episode of RvB.

10:10- Back to questions.

10:11- I noticed Caboose’s helmet is not Mark V anymore, and I heard they’re bringing it back with the next update for Halo 4. Will we see it come back?

Burnie- We were excited to find that out. Also Carolina’s helmet is gone. That’s one of the risks of working in a closed environment, you never know what’ll change on you.

10:13- I first saw RvB at a GameStop, and it was something with Sarge doing football plays with Grif and Simmons. Where is that?

Burnie- We did almost 40 videos, really short, for various companies in the kiosks that they have. But we’ve always abstracted the creative side from the business side. Joel’s job at the company is all about monetization, and making commercials.

Matt Hullum is now on stage! He’s just finished up today’s liveshoot.


10:16- We found out a lot about the AI over the past 2 seasons. But we never heard about Eta or Iota’s personalities. Can we hear about that?

Burnie- I never know whether it made the cut or not, if it’s major, we try and hold it to see if there’s a better way to breach it later.

Monty- I remember you said Eta makes you hungry.

10:18- You inspired me and my friends to name our dogs after RvB characters.

Yomary, voice of Sheila has a blog for things named Sheila or Phyllis.

Shannon- I was at a birthday party and I remember being into Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, and these kids were playing RvB!

10:21- I have a question on character dynamics. I wonder if working together ever put a strain on your relationships in private?

Monty- We’re not close.

Burnie- I don’t think work puts a strain on the friendships, I think friends put a strain on the friendships.

Joel- Imagine going to the DMV, but the line’s 10 years long.

10:22- Burnie you’ve mentioned multiple times that as long as people keep loving it, you’ll keep making it. I have to say that as long as we keep watching it, you keep making it. It’s been 7 years, but will you please PLEASE explain yellow Church.

Miles- We killed off all the characters this season. Sorry.

Burnie- You take Church, and make him yellow.

10:24- What was it like working with your idols, and how did you adapt the first few months?

Miles- It’s weird for the first few months, but it was really cool. I will say that every time I have to ask Geoff for a recording, it’s really hard because he’s so hectic, and I get really scared.
Miles is doing some Sarge impersonations.

10:25- A lot of times when people are recording they laugh, what scenes have you had to record the most because you’re laughing too much?

Miles- When Matt is recording, because if you let him go, he’ll just keep going.

Joel- So the answer is, all the scenes with dicks in them.

10:28- With all the crap that the Freelancers went through, is there a reason they kept using their names after Project Freelancer collapsed?

Burnie- They use their names occasionally with each other. It’s more of a narrative device to escalate the scene. When they use their real names, it’s a different conversation. Plot wise, there’s some of them that we don’t know their names, or they want to hide from it.

10:31- What is your single favorite moment from the entire series?

Miles- I love Tex vs. the Reds and Blues, and that was the most beautiful merge of the two camps. But I love Church’s line at the end about why you should hate people in Season 5.

Shannon- The moment in Season 8 when Wash gets hit by the Warthog, and his hand came up, but I didn’t know they were doing animation at the time.

Kathleen- I want to see what the people said when the Director took off his glasses and you see his eyes, and you know about Carolina.

Monty- I like Season 8, Episode 10, where it was the most limited I had to be, and it was more about character.

Matt- I haven’t seen any of the show, but I hear it’s recommended. No, but there’s been so many classic moments that they melt together into this awesome soup of happy memories. I think the best ones are where we’ve been able to experience the audience’s reaction.

10:37- Burnie, a year ago you said you collect crazy socks. Do you want these socks?

Joel- We plan on having a puppet show later…

10:38- Last question. Burnie, you mentioned that Joel likes to do a lot of ad lib. How much of present Caboose is your original characterization of him, and how much has Joel evolved it?

Joel- Not a lot going on there. So your question is probably far more insightful than the character.

Burnie- Joel tells me his approach; he’s the only one that knows he’s in a video game, and he talks to all the other characters like they’re house pets. 

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