RTX 2013- Day 2

We're back for day 2, with more pictures of some of the other booths here on the floor!

Game Over Videogames, a local reseller of all manner of games and consoles, is here.



The Behemoth, makers of Castle Crashers, are here to demo Battleblock Theater.


Stoic Studios, made by 3 former Old Republic devs, are here to show off their new turn based strategy game, Banner Saga.


Makerbot is here with their 3D printers. Here, they are churning out a set of Companion Cubes.


Bursting Brains Studios are here, and they're showing off their new tech demo using the Oculus Rift VR.


Gunnar Optiks are showing off their gaming glasses that reduce eye strain and glare.


The 405th Infantry Division brings the cosplayer dedication of the 501st Legion to the Halo universe.


Das Keyboard brings their elite series of minimalist mechanical keyboards.


Ubisoft is showing off Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag multiplayer.


The Achievement Hunter panel is being held in the main auditorium. And yet many were still unable to get in.


10:00- Lindsey, Michael, Caleb, Ryan, Geoff, Jack enter on stage to rapturous applause. But Gavin and Ray are missing?


10:02- There they are. They enter in superhero outfits, and we are kicking it straight off with questions.


10:03- Geoff: Does anyone have any alcohol on them? Or water?

10:04- Audience members rush to the rescue with alcohol.

Jack- As you know, our little website is about to turn 5. And we’re now able to fill this entire arena. And it is a BIG arena.

10:05- Question for Michael: do you plan on doing a full playthrough of Dead Space 3?

Michael- I don’t plan on Dead Space 3, but there may be some Dead Space 3 coming.

Jack- I think Joel and I will do Dead Space 3.

10:06- What do you guys do besides AH at RT?

Geoff- AH as it stands now, it’s what all of these idiots do. That’s pretty much it. I guess Lindsey works on the podcast and Ryan does some animation. Gavin does some stuff in slow motion.

10:07- What made you guys come up with AH?

Geoff- Burnie and I were always fighting for achievements, and we looked at shitty YouTube guides and GameFAQs, and decided to make a good resource. But then we realized we weren’t good at games.

10:08- How did each of you become a part of AH, and did you ever imagine doing this for a living?

Ray- I started making community videos for fun and then Geoff hired me.

Gavin- I started watching RvB and I wanted to become roommates with the orange guy. (Geoff- Grif)

Jack- I was writing for a website about video games, and met Joel and Burnie at a poker game. Then I decided to go have pizza with Geoff.

Geoff- I started RT with Burnie and Gus.

Ryan- Craigslist.

Caleb- I met Geoff gaming, helped at conventions for years, and decided to ask Geoff.

Michael- I had been a fan for a long time, and in 2009, I started making YouTube videos, and Jack sent me a PM on YouTube.

Lindsey- I was a fan of shorts before RvB. I went the traditional route, filling out tons of applications, and I heard from my friend Miles, got an internship, and here I am.

10:14- In the Minecraft Let’s Plays, who has killed Gavin more? Michael, or Gavin himself?

Gavin- I do a lot of damage to myself, but recently Ryan’s had a thing for me. I think I’ve started the most fights and lost the most.

10:18- Any way we could get a copy of Achievement City?

Geoff- No.

Gavin- I live with Geoff, and I’m not allowed in Achievement City.

10:19- What is up with 6th Street?

Geoff- Welcome to Austin. It’s why we live here.

10:20- Jack, where’s my waffle?

Jack- I didn’t have time to bake 10,000 waffles.

10:21- A Harley Quinn cosplayer introduced herself and talks about the card packs that came with the attendee bags, and asked Ryan about his son’s music.

Ryan- It’s all terrible and mostly Elmo based.

10:22- You all work really well together on camera, do you keep that cohesion off camera?

Geoff- Fuck. Do we? Jack says yes. Gavin says yes.

Jack- I hate all of them on camera and off.

10:23- How do you choose what games you Let’s Play?

Michael- I think it’s whatever we think will be the most fun.

Jack- We watched the GTA V trailer and we thought, why didn’t we ever play GTA IV?

10:26- What’s a game coming that you’re really excited to do a Let’s Play in?

Geoff- GTA V, Saint’s Row 4. I want to do more sports games but no one seems to agree. I want to do NBA.

10:27- Can we have a stupid Gavin story, and AH plans for Destiny.

Geoff- Every part of the day with him is stupid, and we repeat.

Michael- It’s the end of the day, and #DantheMan is leaving, and Gavin sees he’ll come. Dan comes back 5 minutes later and asks where Gavin is. Lindsey and I give him a ride, and we sit outside the door. I call Gavin and ask where he is? He says, I’m downtown. What were you doing?

Geoff- We’ll be doing Let’s Plays and achievement guides for Destiny.

10:29- You recently hired Lindsey and Caleb recently. Will you move out soon because it’s kinda crowded.

Geoff- Kinda crowded? We started this building with 14 people and now we have… 56? We grew a lot faster than expected.

10:31- Will you try using the Oculus Rift on any games?

Geoff- We don’t have one.

10:31- Congratulations to Michael and Lindsey for their engagement. When will we get another WoW or Defiance Let’s Play?

Geoff- We’ve filmed 6 and released 2. There’s a reason for that. And Defiance is hard.

10:33- Do you guys ever plan on doing an AH podcast?

Geoff- That’s pretty much what the Let’s Plays are. And you get enough Gavin and Jack on the podcast.

10:34- Thanks for making Fridays less shitty. Can we expect some Jones family Let’s Plays? (Michael and Lindsey)

Michael- Don’t have anything in the works at the moment.

Gavin has been handed a giant wooden sword in the Minecraft art style.

10:36- Are there any plans to add to the regular Let’s Plays channel?

Geoff- I just don’t know whether it’s physically possible right now. We’d have to hire more people.

10:37- How wasted do you guys get in a Let’s Play.

Geoff- Stay in school, eat your vegetables, and drink responsibly.

Gavin- I’ve had to stop drinking after the second Minecraft episode.

Jack- I don’t know if I’ve ever been as mad at you as then. But the Tower of Pimps came from that, so maybe it’s not all bad.

10:39- What’s your favorite ship?

Ray- Right here. (hugging Gavin)

Lindsey- Michael and Gavin!

Ryan- These guys are just spooning in the office when I get there. Touching necklaces.

10:40- What were you hired for Ryan?

Ryan- Video editing.

10:41- What’s your favorite quote?

Jack- Surprise muthafucka!


Gavin- tease it….

Geoff- Would you rather….

Ryan- EDGAR!

Caleb- What is game night?

Michael- What about all the water? (in a squeaky British accent)

Lindsey- It’s just like SPEED.

10:43- Boxers, briefs, or thongs?

Ray- I’m actually wearing a cup.

Got it nice and loud on audio.

10:43- The game you most regret having to get achievements in?

Geoff- Fucking Peggle.

Jack- I had to do Ratatouille.

Michael- Borderlands, because the Mad Moxie DLC wanted me to kill myself.

Ray- Black Ops 1 and 2.

Caleb- Disney’s Bolt.

Lindsey- Tinywings.

Gavin- The first Crackdown with the racing achievement, trying to help Geoff.

10:46- When you created AH, did you expect to have these fangirls going after you sometimes?

Geoff- When did that happen? Oh you mean Gavin and Ray.

10:48- How much do you guys spend on video games?

Geoff- Whatever the fuck I want it to be? I could buy 5 video games a day ever day and it wouldn’t be as much in a year as a fucking server that Gus buys.

10:49- A slenderman cosplayer is just standing at the mic. And staring. That is all. Michael is walking out there personally to take care of the situation.


10:50- What are all of your full names?

Geoff- Do you want our Social Security numbers as well?
Ray Narvaez Jr.
Gavin David Free
Jack Shannon Patillo
Geoffrey Lazer Ramsey
James Ryan Haywood
Caleb Thomas Denacour
Michael Vincent Jones
Lindsey Else Tuggey

Geoff- If I paid for it, would you change your name to Caleb Ultimate Denacour?

There was a drill sergeant I had who was so patriotic, she changed her last name to America. So she’d be Miss America.

10:53- So you have the superhero outfits, will you do a movie?

Gavin- Michael Bay will direct it.

Ryan- Maybe they can stop screen cheating.

10:54- Do you guys plan to bring back Forced Enjoyment or Real Life Achievements?

Geoff- We filmed a couple, don’t know where they went.

Jack- As far as FE goes, probably not. We don’t like ripping into games. It’s kinda like Rage Quit now, honestly.

10:56- I just discovered AH in December on my 6 month deployment, so thank you for making it worthwhile. Would Gavin like to get coffee with me later?

Geoff- I’m going to get uncharacteristically serious. Because I was deployed to Kuwait for a year before Internet. All we had was a VHS of Terminator. I warn you now, face to face, very underwhelming.

10:58- With future Let’s Plays, would there be a Vol. 2 of AC3?

Jack- We just recorded that like 3 or 4 days ago.

Geoff- So you can expect to see it in November.

10:59- What is the most fun you’ve ever had in one Let’s Play?

Geoff- GTA IV co-op, it hasn’t come out yet. Maybe next week?

Gavin- My favorite is any time we play Worms.

Jack- Cops and crooks when the dump trucks rounded the corner.

11:00- When the Xbox One comes out, will you rebuild Achievement World?

Geoff- I think 4J and MSFT are trying to figure out how to port. If not, then we’ll stay in 360 until we fill the world.

11:01- What was the idea of building the vibrations thing into Gavin’s desk?

Ryan- There was no particular malice, it was just that Gavin’s desk was already so destroyed.

11:03- Geoff, you’re my favorite. Jack, will you do the truffle shuffle?

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