RTX 2013- Day 1

We are live from RTX and will be liveblogging panels, interviewing guests and exhibitors, and taking pictures of the exhibition floor.


Attendance has doubled this year from 4,000 to about 8,200. It shows.


The line for attendee registration.


The line to enter the convention center proper.


343 Industries and Halo Waypoint are here showcasing the Halo 4 Global Championship. 


The line for the Achievement Hunter section, where Assassin's Creed 4 multiplayer is being demoed.


The line for the Rooster Teeth store.


Devolver Digital are here demoing Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Shadow Warrior, and Luftrausers.


John decides to try out Luftrausers.


Iron Gaming are here to demo Smite and talk about their vision of a unified E-Sports league framework.


The Immersion booth, where props from the series are being showcased.


Center stage, where live gaming events and competitions are being shown off by various guests and the AH crew, as well as some of their video content, like RWBY.


Speaking of, here is the line for the RWBY panel.


This panel is taking place in the main auditorium, which is enormous.


Here is the lineup for the RWBY panel.


We're in the RT Series panel!

4:32- Matt and Chris have entered, introduced by Ben.


4:33- Matt describing the growth and evolution of RvB, and the introduction of live action in season 7.

4:34- After doing a few live-action shorts, they realized it was way harder than first imagined, so Brandon and Chris were brought on to help. 

4:37- Shooting the Gauntlet right now, in addition to Immersion and some more shorts. Now the floor's being opened to questions.

4:38- Do you do full audio production on the shorts?

Matt: No. The shorts are mostly stereo, but now with Blu-ray, we're trying to step up our game and going to an outside place for that in a really nice big studio.

4:39- Chris: We are doing an extended cut of A Simple Walk into Mordor. 

4:40- Matt: It's harder than just buying the most awesome camera. You really have to dig deep with audio.

4:41- On the last Patch, Burnie brought up a character called the President of RT Shorts, Arty Shorts. Disappointed groans. 

Matt: That's the same reaction I got at work.

4:42- What is it about your videos that make them better than the average Joe?

Chris: I don't think they are.

Matt: We try and make sure that no matter how stupid things may be, we try and make sure there's some twist or interesting ending. There are some videos of ours and others that seem like they were just made to be a gag. That's not enough.

Chris: If it's not fun when you're doing it, it's not going to be a good video.

4:43- How far would you say Day 5 is in production? 

Matt: We have one awesome shot. We're still working on it. It's going well, but it's too long. We're trying to break it down into a manageable chunk.

4:44- Describing last year's RTX live shoot featuring the attendees. 

4:46- When you first started the shorts, did you realize you would want to put them into the same universe? 

Matt- That was a very conscious decision. 

4:47- How well-received was the idea to put out live-action shorts under the name Rooster Teeth, which at that time was RvB?

Matt- Yeah, everything machinima. It was very nerve-wracking, we didn't know what the audience reaction would be. We thought maybe at first we should only show them to sponsors or at limited events. We did a little video of the origins of RvB and we had such a great time making that, and we wanted to doing it again. It's so different from being by an Xbox or computer all day.

4:50- Brandon just arrived. 


Unfortunately, we have to duck out of this panel right now, but we'll have a wrap-up later on!


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