The Burden of Expectation: The Revolutionary Ambition of No Man's Sky

Contributor Marshall Harbin takes a look at the way the revolutionarily directionlessness nature of the new game No Man's Sky has been received by the gaming community. He explains why, when you actually look at it, the game does exactly what it has always promised to do and not much more, and why that isn't a problem.

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Killer Tunes – Music in Gaming

Music is a very powerful thing; one of the most universal and intrinsic parts of human culture, yet also one of the most personal. Alongside our own personal collections available at the touch of button anywhere we happen to be, music is integral to most of our entertainment and media as well. With the power to enhance and convey various emotions and add much needed gravitas to many situations encountered across TV, movies and games.  

So as I sit here listening to the soundtrack to the 2013 reboot of Killer Instinct, I got to thinking about how music is utilised in games, in particular how it meshes with the unique interactivity available to this medium. 

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RT SideQuest: Branching off the RTX Main ConQuest

For a weekend in the summer, tens of thousands of people flock to Austin to celebrate a company whose primary productions are hilarious webseries and Let's Play content. Although it’s been around since 2003, Rooster Teeth Productions has only had its own convention, RTX, for the last 4 years. Despite being so new, the convention, like the company itself, has expanded exponentially, with 40,000 fans arriving in Austin for a weekend of video games, previews of RT productions, meet and greets with RT staff among other events. Beyond the walls of the convention itself, one can find the expanding influence of the convention itself and the fan community itself to bringing good and charity as well as fun. Some of those 40,000 that attended this year's RTX were doing just that, branching off the main path of RTX to attend RT SideQuest, a community-run series of events that has been raising thousands of dollars for charities both local and national.

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