Ep. 23: How Far We've Come

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Theme: Special Intro and Ride to Victory

Community Callback

Jeff Gertsmann's Interview

AngryJoe's Gaming Journalism Discussion

Reading Between Yahtzee's Lines

Steam Offline Mode Troubles

How Far We've Come

WGG Com-Cast Episode 1: Science and Religion, Best Friends

First Com-cast Pitch

Our Original Blog Site (now just redirect page)

  • Weekend Short-Takes
  • Mindshare
  • Synoptic Sitreps (waiting for Sparknotes name)
  • Natural Double d20s
  • New website entering second phase from a blogger site
  • Always new project ideas and content on the way

How Far They've Come

          • Renewed commitment to scheduled Drink Alongs
          • Premature Evaluations
          • Trailer Talk and Trailers of the Week
          • A unified typography set and youtube end screens
          • 10,000 videos and 100,000 subscribers broken
          • Livestreams are returning, the podcast going through soul-searching

          Where It’s Come

          • Wii U out, PS4 announced, Xbox v. Next soon to come
          • New beginnings as the first non-Bungie Halo game was released
          • Also some finales as AC3 ended poorly and THQ went bankrupt

          Where It’ll Go

          • Home for the holidays? Will both Next-gen consoles be out by Christmas?
          • GTA V vs. Saint's Row 4, will it be a purple dildo sword fight to the death?
          • Will Ubisoft follow EA and Activision into the yearly franchise arena with AC 4?

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