Ep. 20: Awards and Modularity

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Theme: Bastila Shan's Theme


New Projects

Synoptic Sitrep: Halo (Sparknotes)

Mindshare: CoD's Next Steps

Game of the Year Awards

Final Awards Tally

Xbox 360: Halo 4

Playstation 3: Tie (Assassin's Creed 3 & Far Cry 3)

PC: Day Z

Mobile: Angry Birds Star Wars

DLC: Mass Effect 3: From Ashes

DLG: Walking Dead

Gameminder/The Road Ahead: 4-Way Tie (GTA V, Bioshock: Infinite, DayZ, Rome 2: Total War)

Totally Modular

  • Are totally segmented and compartmentalized AAA titles possible?
  • Where does DLC fit into this new paradigm?
  • Will this only be considered if the next-gen consoles fail to stop continued decline?
  • Does in-game purchasing of small items even the playing field or privilege a few?
  • Will this synergistcally work with the renewal of episodic gaming?
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