Ep. 2: Everything Sucks For Everyone

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Earning Reports Galore: Everything Sucks For Everyone

Sony sees return to profit, aims to halve TV losses

Microsoft FY Q3 Tops Estimates; Revs $17.41B; EPS 60 Cents 

Nintendo posts first annual loss of $460 million, predicts turnaround next year

  • Is this a sign that the consoles need to be revised faster, generate some interest?
  • Is motion gaming also enough of a cushion to tie companies over until the next-gen?
  • Is Nintendo finally paying the price for the horrendous lack of innovation and will they suffer from the awkward timing of the Wii U release?
  • Are console gamers the new hardcore few, just as PC gamers were in the original schism?
  • Are you interested by the prospect of cross platform games: console, PC, phone? Will we see apps freely flowing across the various platforms? Is any delay worth it?

Contract Consoles

$99 Xbox 360 Confirmed - Is This The Future Of Console Gaming?

  • Is this a new and potentially successful business model? Almost cell-phone carrier-esque stipulations and arrangements, or will that be why it fails so hard?
  • Does the hardcore gaming audience even care?
  • Does that seriously mean that we could have the 360 for two more years, or is MSFT going to screw people over that buy this, if the Xbox v. Next comes out in the middle?
  • Or, again, are they the audience that uses it more for the software and services, which can always be updated?
  • Can this trend continue? Will Sony and Nintendo adopt it? Could you be able to buy a TV subsidized or get a free Roku if you sign a 2 year contract of Netflix or Hulu Plus?

Console Carryover?

  • What kind of games do we want carried over from this gen?
  • Does the release cycle and amount of releases make it a non-issue?
  • Would they just sell it to you again from Games on Demand?
  • What about peripherals and accessories?
  • But then what is the new lifecycle of the next generation? Even longer, to allow you to buy back up all of the accessories again?

Online Service FFA

AT&T Suspends U-verse TV On Xbox Option to Re-Engineer Kit

Xbox LIVE Partners With ESPN, GameSpot, Last.fm, Manga Entertainment And MUZU.TV To Expand TV-Like Advertising On Xbox LIVE

  • Are we seeing the same ad creep that infected Hulu now start to trickle onto the console?
  • How is this fragmentation in content and location goin to affect the platforms?
  • Who is going to be held accountable or blamed in the end; Microsoft & Sony, the telcos, or the services? 

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