Ep. 1: Science and Religion, Best Friends

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Microsoft’s New Music Service

  • Could it be called Xbox Music?
  • Prepping the waters for a smoother Xbox v. Next launch?

Will the Next-Gen Consoles Fail?

  • When will the next gen consoles be released?
  • Disk drives, used games, will it, won’t it?
  • Is our Internet capable of handling all downloads?
  • What else do we really need at this point? (Insane graphics, smaller footprint, more efficient, more media services?)
  • 10 years down the road? What about an all-in-one TV, console, set top box?
  • Will we see motion gaming come standard now, be unable to get a SKU without them?
  • What do you want in the new consoles?

Crysis 3

  • What do you make of the overgrown NYC environment and bows as the featured weapon?
  • Is the Stephen King domes with each having a unique environment gimmicky, or is it a compelling vector?
  • Will it be one of the first cross platform games with the next gen consoles?
  • Can they make gameplay more nuanced than 2: more than cloak, regen, repeat?

Can Halo CE Anniversary Start a Trend of Major Franchise HD Refreshes?

  • What if old favorite titles like Call of Duty 1 and 2 were given MW3 graphics? Is that enough for you to buy them? Would you pay $40 for them?
  • If not, what if they added more content and expanded?
  • What are games you would like to see fully rendered with the latest graphics?

Halo Fourgasm

  • Will this be the last Halo game for 360?
  • Will 343’s apparent new tactic of trying to be more emotionally connected and involved with a darker and deeper story work? Will it be their defining mark?
  • Should his personality and humanity be left to secondary material, because that was Bungie’s approach and it worked very well?
  • Co-op: normal and iconic Halo style, or more trying to copy Call of Duty spec ops with Spartan ops, both?
  • They say that it will take place aboard UNSC Infinity, there will be plot for it, and that they will release content regularly. Is it a new iteration of episodic gaming? Having episodes as part of a major release, so that they don’t fall apart like previous attempts?
  • Is trying to crowbar story into multiplayer really worth it? Does it matter? Is it just going to be a skin deep justification, and that’s where they’ll leave it?
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