Ep. 11: Next Gen Trashcan

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Theme: Jessica (Top Gear)


Community Callback

Next Gen Trashcan

PS4 Problems

360 Problems

Get Xbox Saves on the 360

Xbox Live ID Emails Expired

    • What does the PS4 not need to be a bigger success?
    • What does the next Xbox need to be a bigger success?
    • Is a flawless launch necessary to shore up sagging console sales?
    • Is profile transfer a key element to the transition?

    For Teh Lulz

    Battlenet Hacked

    Steam Hacked

    PSN Hacked

      • Are they being targeted simply because they are so big and therefore have lots of data, are there inherent flaws in such large networks that make such a large network an appealing target, or is this, perhaps, just coincidence?
      • Does the free nature of each of these services have any effect on these intrusions?
      • PSN and Sony fans have long touted that the free nature of the PSN service makes it better than the paid for Xbox Live service run by Microsoft, but is PSN more vulnerable because of this? 
      • If it is, is it still a better value, risk of information loss vs. not having to pay for the service?

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