Ep. 9: Citius, Altius, Fortius

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Theme: Olympic Fanfare and Theme, Summon the Heroes, and USSR Anthem


Opening Ceremony

Will the 2012 Olympics revitalize East London?

Olympic Stadium (London)

  • Did certain sections of the opening ceremony drag on too long?

  • How was the lighting of the cauldron and the symbolic handover?

'Slumdog' director Boyle to lead Olympic opening ceremony

Danny Boyle: Olympics Opening Ceremony mastermind

  • Did the creative director get it right?

  • How does it compare to Beijing?

Behind the Scenes

G4S faces losing out on lucrative contracts: report

London Feels More Like a Military Base Than an Olympic Park

  • How bad was the failing of G4S?

Few are Coming to See Greece's Modern Olympic Ruins

China's Post-Olympic Woe: How To Fill An Empty Nest

  • Can the venues have another life afterwards?

London Olympics mascots: menacing or magic?  

  • Are the mascots disgusting?

McDonald's talks up good nutrition at London Games

  • Are the Olympics' sponsors ironic?

Country Analysis

U.S. men blow past France 

Olympic Swimming Records Smashed, Hopes Dashed

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Beats Colombia at the Olympics: Fan View

  • US: Basketball, Swimming, Women's Soccer

Ainslie 2nd after opening day of Olympic sailing

London 2012 Olympics: Team GB's Bradley Wiggins in shape to make history in cycling time-trial

Veteran Giggs leads Britain to victory

  • UK: Sailing, Cycling, Men's Soccer

Rivals take advantage as China, Japan wobble in gymnastics

List of Olympic medalists in weightlifting (Women)

China Brings Its Past to Ping-Pong’s Birthplace

Qiu Bo: The China diver who stands between Tom Daley and glory

China Adds Shooting, Diving Golds to Lead Olympics Medals

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