Ep. 8: John Has Two Broken Cars

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Theme: Hot Wheels Battle Force 5


Community Callback

Games: The Movie: Part 2

  • Does this next wave of films stand a chance against the prejudices of Hollywood?
  • Will failure make any support even more hesitant in the future?
  • Does failure mean we will stick with short films, trailers, and promos indefinitely?

The Future of DLC and You

Pitchford: Borderlands has "highest attach rate of any DLC"

    • How much DLC is too much?
    • What kind of DLC is needed or wanted most?
    • When is the best time to release DLC/ best release schedule?
    • How much should DLC cost/will you pay?
    • What is your take on confusing content licensing and how it might be fixed for the next gen?
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