Ep. 7: Live From RTX

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Theme: Blood Gulch Blues (used with express permission) and Vode An (Republic Commando)


Community Callback

Microsoft's About (Sur)face

Gaming on Microsoft Surface

Wireless Reciever for Xbox Controller on Windows

Microsoft Mouse Nano Transceiver

  • Would you use a Surface tablet with an Xbox controller to play games in its current form?
  • If not, what if it was built in Bluetooth or a nano-reciever?
  • Would you want to play full games even though it is a tablet, just casual games, or a hybrid of the two?
  • Do you think Steam or Origin implementations on a tablet could be successful?

8 on 8: Gaming on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

Windows Phone 8 Will Support DirectX For Better Gaming

Microsoft's Xbox 8 URL Grabs Spark Rumors

Microsoft grabs Xbox 8 domains, rumors run amok

  • Would buying one part of the Microsoft ecosystem entice you to buy others because of cross-compatibility?
  • Does closing down an ecosystem make for a better experience, especially where cross-platform is concerned?
  • Are the new hardware specs for Windows Phone 8 sufficient to win you over?
  • Xbox 720 or Xbox 8?

La Fin du Monde: ME3 Extended Cut DLC

  • If you believe the indoctrination theory, was it supported or contradicted by the additional content?
  • Did Bioware live up to this promise of providing closure without violating "artistic integrity"?
  • What do you make of the additional ending provided?

Live From RTX

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