Ep. 6: E3 Special with Dan not John

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Theme: God Save the Queen & Tha Mo Ghaol Air Aird A' Chuain (Brave)


Community Callback


  • Did the E3 press announcement bring anything new to the table?
  • Can a solely gaming company work anymore?
  • Why is Ubisoft a more energized partner in the Wii U launch than Nintendo?
  • How badly will this tentative social network idea fall?
  • Will the same low buy rates and play rates plague the Wii U? Worse?
  • Is the fact that the better Xbox 360 with Kinect is cheaper mean this is DOA?


  • Are the exclusive games enough to offset the lack of entertainment compared to Xbox?
  • Is Move being phased out or transitioned to Wonderbook?
  • What is Sony trying to accomplish with the HTC deal? Can all the underdogs cobble together an effective alliance?


  • Is the free-for-all second screen approach of Smartglass going to beat the proprietary systems of Sony and Nintendo?
  • Since they are actual smartphones and tablets, can we see more interesting integrated game experiences? (eg: Saint's Row the Third, Mass Effect)
  • How are they going to adapt to fragmentation on these platforms? Will it prevent the more immersive experiences above?
  • Did the plethora of major exclusive franchise announcements significantly dampen Sony and Nintendo's anticipated momentum?


  • Should EA just make one concerted challenger to CoD?
  • Can co-op be renewed with Dead Space 3?
  • Is it time to stop doing name copy reboots?


  • Does Black Ops II add enough new ideas, or are they also gimmicks?
  • Is there a paradox of selling the singleplayer when the multiplayer is the main component?
  • How will this new James Bond game turn out, given past precedents?


  • Is Bethesda now capable of making Rockstar-like huge DLC packs?
  • How does Dishonored look, and will it break from the very similar Fallout and Elder Scrolls gameplay?


  • Has Ubisoft won significant mindshare from this conference?
  • Can they force current gen consoles to play Watchdogs, or is that a reference piece for next gen consoles?
  • Will you respect and buy the new IPs released even if they are not of supreme quality, because that kind of endeavor and support is sorely needed?


  • Is the complete and concerted effort from the Lucas Empire going to create a compelling game?
  • Has Lucasarts spent too much time away from anything hardcore (read: Clone Wars) to make this well?
  • If this succeeds, will Lucasarts be redeemed for a decade of poor performance? 
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