Ep. 5: Alex and Simon + One

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Theme: Sky Brigade


Community Callback

Blockbuster Marketing



We are ODST

Deliver Hope


Take Back Earth

Operation Kingfish

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Alpha

  • Why are we seeing these incredibly elaborate productions, especially when mobile gaming is on the rise?
  • Who are these videos being aimed at? Hardcore, casual, somewhere in between?
  • If the latter two categories, are you being hooked and intrigued by these attempts?
  • What should they be treated as? Secondary material or promotional marketing? 

The Rise of Minecraft

  • Is Minecraft the true digital-age successor to Legos, and will it be to this generation of kids what Legos were to prior generations?
  • Is the popularity that Minecraft enjoys due mostly to its total flexibility and simplicity?
  • Is Minecraft the ultimate expression of the sandbox game, building on a storied legacy?
  • Is this rise sustainable, or is it a brief flare of interest?
  • Do you feel lost or resent the total lack of direction or game-driven purpose?
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