Ep. 16: CoD Creep

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CoD Creep

  • From your experience from Halo: Reach, or to a greater extent, Halo 4, do you feel that elements of CoD have indeed come in significantly?
  • Does any of this negatively (or positively) affect the game experience and feel?
  • Was this a necessary step on the part of Bungie and 343 to keep up with the times?
  • Should they have fought harder to continue Halo's original style?
  • Are any other games subject to CoD creep?

Multiplayer's Mystical Allure

  • What are the factors that make multiplayer fundamentally different from campaign and keep people come back?
  • Does symmetry of a map help or hinder it's popularity?
  • What kind of problems or layouts can make or break a map or gametype?
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