Ep. 17: Once Upon a Time...

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Community Callback

The beauty of Wii U: Nintendo knows how to go all in on a gimmick

Editorial: Why America's most popular gaming genre likely won't work on Nintendo's new console

Once Upon a Time...

Full Text of Whiplash's Email

  • Do you agree or disagree with Whiplash's presentation of FFXIII and game storytelling?
  • Does Mass Effect in fact include aspects of what he is looking for?
  • Does secondary media add or detract from the game story? What is the right balance?
  • Where does art style fit in? Do Borderlands or Darkness have the story enhanced by the art?

AAA Dinosaurs?

Spreadsheet: New IP vs. Sequels

  • What does the proliferation of sequels mean for the industry?
  • Can a completely new game be totally fostered through Kickstarter?
  • What is marketing for huge games like CoD and Halo even doing at this point?
  • What are some creative avenues for new games and marketing?
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