Ep. 15: Ebert's Wager

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Ebert's Wager

Borderlands 2: In-game edit allows cel-shading graphics to be removed

Behind Borderlands' 11th-hour style change

The Darkness II: Story and Art Style Interview

GDC 2012: The Art and Design of Batman: Arkham City

  • Are these art styles here because of the graphics gap between consoles and PCs?
  • Are they a key differentiator from realism?
  • What does it say about these art styles that Borderlands' use of them and subsequent success was very  much unintended?
  • What do you think would have happened if Borderlands was released as a realistic game?

Round Up the Usual Gimmicks

  • Are gimmick features very niche, providing significant immersion for a very narrow window of games?
  • Does the burden for finding creative solutions for these features rest with the developers?
  • Do these features tend to ultimately fall out due to lack of effort from the developers, (e.g. Kinect voice commands) or are they truly meant to stick to casual/family games?
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