Meeting way back in middle school, the two guys who would go on to create GameDistiller Productions bonded over Simon Wu’s abundance of school supplies and the unorganized Alex Miller’s need of them. The two quickly became fast friends (though Simon maintains that Alex still owes him money for the paper and pencils…) thanks to a shared interest in video games, technology, and Star Wars. However, it wasn’t until high school (and quite a few nerdy all-night gaming sleepovers later) that the two decided to try their throats at internet media. Wait, something about that sounds off…

Their first journey into online media production came when Alex was unwillingly roped into helping a friend commentate on a webcasted high school football game. Finding that he enjoyed talking to himself, Alex helped out several more times over the course of the year. Meanwhile Simon, while managing the tech section of the school newspaper, started a weekly school news podcast. Enjoying the medium he began to host it every week, inviting teachers, students, and visiting speakers to be guests, something Alex began to do regularly.

Towards the end of their senior year the two decided that they weren’t ready to quit making podcasts. They loved listening to themselves talk after all and they weren’t going to let a little thing like graduation get in the way of it. With a love for podcasts such as the Rooster Teeth Podcast (then the Drunk Tank) and Two Chimps on a Davenport, Alex and Simon knew they wanted to focus their new project on gaming, but wanted to avoid being just another podcast where gamers talk about games. Instead, they wanted to be different, to focus on the bigger picture and the bigger issues. Seeking out the help of John Tarr and Dan Broadbent, the hosts of Two Chimps on a Davenport as well as the founders and operators of, they pitched their idea for a gaming news analysis podcast. Thus, the Com-cast and GameDistiller Productions were born. Since then, they have added several phenomenal analysts and contributors to their team.

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If there's one thing about Max Gruber that makes him stand out, it's that he writes... a lot. Max was the third individual to join the crew, as well as the first within the community to have a large role in the operations that occur on GameDistiller. He is currently planning on majoring in Journalism and wants to use the experience with GameDistiller as a solid and positive entry in his resumé.

Just as NASA needs a back up for their back up, John Fenix was brought on by Simon and Alex from the beginning. John helped out however he could, whether participating in the Com-Cast, offering his opinion in the Short-Takes, or providing on-location photography at events. GameDistiller provides him the proper avenue to showcase the artistic and storytelling abilities of video gaming, which he is proud to be a part of, even (in his words) if only in bits.

Jonathan Tung is a 24-year-old purveyor of video games, Japanese cartoons, and all other forms of geek culture. As an avid comic geek, Jonathan can usualy be found wandering around various conventions up and down the west coast, though he one day dreams of covering E3 or GDC. He is currently pursuing an English Major at San Jose State University in San Jose, CA, in the hopes of landing a job working at one of the big gaming news sites in the near future. So far, it's looking pretty good.

Jackson Sinnenberg was one of the Co-hosts of the Natural Double-d20s with Mr. Wu and and currently works for NPR Music's program All Songs Considered. His first systems were a N64 and a Gameboy so you know where some of his gaming loyalties lie. When not spouting off about the superiority of Dragon type Pokemon you can find him playing a variety of games from Half-Life to The Superbrothers Swords and Sorcery EP.

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